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Second Floor Layout

The family (third) floor of the Reddick Mansion was used by the Reddick Family as the private floor for family sleeping quarters. It was, and still is, reached by a set of interior steps from the main hallway of the main floor of the mansion.

This floor was designed to have five primary rooms, two to the west of the main hallway (running north-south) and three to the east of the hallway. Each of these primary rooms had its own large fireplace. The northwest corner of the floor was composed of three small rooms and a back-stair hallway. A schematic drawing of the original layout can be seen just below.

Third floor family quarters

Current Restoration Efforts

The main hallway and the southeast corner room of this floor of the Reddick Mansion are currently the only spaces of the third floor that have been restored. The southeast corner room can be considered the location of the master bedroom for the Reddick family.

The restoration of any of the mansion rooms has been greatly enhanced by the display of period furniture and clothing. One such example of enhancement of the master bedroom ( SE corner of the third floor of the mansion ) can be seen by clicking on the following image:

Photo of two 1875 period dresses

Members of the RMA have access privileges to a photo album of images of the restored rooms on this level. Log-in is necessary to view the album. Click Here