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Board of Directors

NOTE: An email to any one of the following individuals will be forwarded by RMA staff. Use the "Email Us" button at the top of this page to communicate with the person of choice. Place the name of the specific person you wish to contact in the "Subject" field of your email.

Officers: 2013 – 2014

President Diane Sanders
Vice-President Barbara Houston
Treasurer Leslie Pool
Secretary Larry Swanson

Association Directors

Farley Andrews Joan Bardgett
Nancy Barta Hedy Bernholdt
Esther Funk ** Jenan Jobst
Tom Justice Steve Meyer
Donna Nordstrom David Rabideau
Justine Swett Helen Thomas
** Member in Perpetuity


City of Ottawa Representatives

Dan Aussem Parks & Public Property
Bob Eschbach City Mayor


Archive of Press Releases

The following drop-down box has links to past copies of the press releases (in descending order) authorized by the RMA Committee.

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Press Releases